Living Room

Positive Attitude

Be bold! Go with what you love. Anchor your space with the Benson Sectional, prized for its generous size, deep comfort and hard-wearing, Crypton upholstery. Elements borrowed from nature always work and out Cypress Root Coffee Table makes a statement. Vibrant art from our collection provides the all-important backdrop.

Benson Sectional, Brussels Midnight


Cypress Root Coffee Table


Crosby Side Table

$599.00 Free Shipping

Piet Printed Marble Side Table, Antique Brass

$380.00 Free Shipping

Feizy Rug Lennox 8699F, Ivory

$389.00 Free Shipping

Hypnotists I Framed

$959.00 Free Shipping

Hypnotists II Framed

$959.00 Free Shipping

Hypnotists III Framed

$959.00 Free Shipping

Monstera Leaf in Glass Vase


Protea in Pottery Orb


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