Living Room

All-Time Great Style

Timeless Modern is the term. We define it as pieces with simple, classic proportions in a cool, neutral palette of whites, creams and washed woods. It’s confident, uncomplicated, always inviting.

Paloma 2 Seat Sofa, Nomad Snow


Catherine Coffee Table

$3,678.40 $4,598.00 Free Shipping

Deco Martini Table

$745.00 Free Shipping

Reyes Ottoman, Barnabas Mushroom

$510.00 Free Shipping

Surya Rug Norland NLD-2314

$380.00 Free Shipping

Nothing To Compare Framed

$1,589.00 Free Shipping

Portside Wall Panel, Gray

$433.40 Free Shipping

Sharpe Table Lamp


Remi Vase, Black


Victoire Vase, Black


Metal 9" Knot, Black


Kadoor Bowl, Black


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