Dining Room

Forever Iconic

Oak is forever – robust, richly grained, the wood of choice for centuries. We bring iconic oak into the modern age with the Arezza Dining Table and Sideboard, a streamlined design of straight lines and curves in a light, fresh wash.

Arezza Dining Table

$3,598.00 Free Shipping

Elisa Dining Chair, Mainz Cream, Set of 2

$1,516.00 Free Shipping

Arezza Sideboard

$3,298.00 Free Shipping

Poppy Chandelier

$2,250.00 Free Shipping

Dream by Jess Engle

$1,599.00 Free Shipping

Barrett Table Lamp, Off-White Linen Shade

$367.00 Free Shipping

Spheres Collection Vase


Talmage Tray

$246.40 Free Shipping

Alega Crystal Orb, Set of 2

$279.40 Free Shipping

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