Dining Room

Dress For Dinner

Amp up the elegance, especially for the festive season ahead. Our Beatrix Chair wears lavishly pleated velvet. Its golden details play off the lustrous base of the Taji Dining Table. A setting to celebrate!

Taji Rectangular Dining Table, Gray/Gold Base


Beatrix Pleated Chair, Light Grey/Brushed Gold Legs

$269.00 Free Shipping

Feizy Rug Emory 8664F, Gray

$699.00 Free Shipping

Molten Chandelier, Brass

$2,500.00 Free Shipping

Maze Framed

$1,119.00 Free Shipping

Gear Table Lamp, Alabaster

$937.50 Free Shipping

Diamond Box

$197.50 Free Shipping

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