Mad Men: Interior Design on the Small Screen

Creating the perfect set design for a TV show takes an immense amount of time, creativity, as well as extensive historical and artistic research. Many brilliant minds work together to produce an aesthetically pleasing set that's also true to the time period of the story. Mad Men exceeds viewers’ expectations by perfecting the matchmaking of character and interior design. Channeling personality into the environment, production designer Dan Bishop and set decorator Claudette Didul combined fictional story with the lifestyle of 1960's advertising in New York to create the perfect environment for each one of Mad Men’s memorable characters.

From the debonair but troubled character of Don Draper to the progressive yet ultra-feminist Joan Harris, the characters' work and home environments are designed impeccably to reflect their personalities. Let’s take a look at the Mad Men characters and the details that go into creating a production set to learn about interior design on the small screen.

Mad Men Interior Design Infographic
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