Living Room

Square One

A great room starts with a theme. Say, the simple square. Clean-lined and spare. Our Max Leather Swivel Chair is the square, squared – a rugged cube of comfort. It lines up handsomely with the grand Zane Sofa, a deep-seated, minimalist style with maximalist comfort and quality. Squares echo in the stylized, stone and metal Deco Inlaid Coffee Table and the Enzo Sideboard. Stir things up with energetic art from our vast collections.

Zane Grand Sofa, Nomad Snow


Maxx Leather Swivel Chair, Destroyed Black

$2,199.00 Free Shipping

Glimmer Side Table


Alana Adjustable Accent Table, Antique Brass

$329.00 Free Shipping

Enzo Sideboard

$3,799.00 Free Shipping

Feizy Rug Norah 6305F, Ivory Charcoal

$1,683.00 Free Shipping

Big Life I Framed

$1,009.00 Free Shipping

Big Life II Framed

$1,009.00 Free Shipping

Canute Mirror

$345.40 Free Shipping

Vaughn Table Lamp

$312.50 Free Shipping

Dex Object, Patina

$205.00 Free Shipping

Stonewash Pillow, Blush

$139.00 Free Shipping

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