Living Room

Cool and Collected

Develop a design aesthetic that's both contemporary and timeless in your home's living space. The Benson Sofa in Vance Navy provides a classic focal point and creates effortless interplay with the stylish and functional brass frame of the Felicity Coffee Table.

Benson Sofa, Vance Indigo


Silas Leather Chair, Patina Copper

$1,790.00 Free Shipping

Felicity Coffee Table, Matte Brass

$770.00 Free Shipping

Bouquet of Joy Framed

$389.00 Free Shipping

Flow of Love Framed

$799.00 Free Shipping

Moody Mod Framed

$419.00 Free Shipping

Blooming Blues Framed

$389.00 Free Shipping

Alton Desk Lamp, Antique Brass

$240.00 Free Shipping

Stack of Books, When You Find Somebody Good

$169.00 Free Shipping

Stack of Books, Be Yourself

$149.00 Free Shipping

Ram, Brass

$158.00 Free Shipping

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