Dining Room

A Polished Attitude

Hints of shine create a striking effect. The live-edge oak top of the Toulouse Dining Table rests on sleek, golden stainless steel legs. The Oliver Side Chairs in green, stain-resistant velvet are brilliant dining partners. With walnut veneers and brass-clad, faceted doors, the Enzo Sideboard makes a statement. Glints of brass reappear in the Brinley Mirror, dramatic Liva Wall Decor and the Pellman Chandelier.

Toulouse Dining Table, Seared Oak/Brushed Gold Base

$2,860.00 Free Shipping

Oliver Side Chair, Brussels Watercress


Enzo Sideboard

$3,390.00 Free Shipping

Feizy Rug Waldor 3837F, Beige

$149.00 Free Shipping

Misadventures Framed

$1,379.00 Free Shipping

Liva Wall Decor

$280.00 Free Shipping

Brinley Mirror, Antique Brass

$170.00 Free Shipping

Brinley Triangle Mirror, Antique Brass

$140.00 Free Shipping

Pellman Chandelier, Matte Brass

$1,490.00 Free Shipping

Bawla Carved Men, Set of 5

$250.00 Free Shipping

Shagreen Boutique Tray, Rectangle


Shagreen Boutique Tray, Square


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