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Category: Architecture

400 Square Feet of Amazing in ATX

This incredible home, in Austin, TX, is a well planned masterpiece. Interior designer, Kim Lewis, took 400 square feet and turned it into the charming, vibrant, eclectic home below. The house is constructed of two trailers connected by a breezeway and includes brilliantly inventive design solutions. The first trailer houses the living room and kitchen area while the second trailer has the bathroom and bedroom. Working with small everything, Kim…


Peachtree Park Perfection

Michael Ladisic designs home for a living. His abode in Peachtree Park is proof that he is in the right profession. Michael’s home has a very earthy, natural look to it. He included so many brilliant design ideas and made beautiful use of iron, limestone, brick and marble. Each room has a very individual feel but still feels cohesive. I love the various wall designs and flooring ideas. The marble…

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A 10 Year Journey….

Original rendering from July 2005. On November 19th, 2005, High Fashion Home officially opened its doors to the public. The last 10 years have been an unbelievable journey filled with joy, humility, growth, and gratitude. High Fashion Home has evolved considerably since the beginning. Our mantra is “to be the best at getting better”. The process of improving is iterative and never ending. Every day, our customers remind us of that fact…

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For Sale – Sia’s Los Feliz Home

  I am such a tremendous Sia fan! Sia is an incredible songwriter and she has a voice that won’t quit but I had no idea she was also, Sia, the house flipper. After purchasing this 5 bedroom, Los Feliz home; made some improvements and is now selling it. The interior is bright with lots of white and features fantastic design touches like, exposed ceiling beams, beautiful archways, great flooring…

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So Whimsical, Sky House

How much fun design can you pack into one house? Sky House by Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design blurs the line between sophisticated home and funhouse. The designers started with a base of clean lines and beautiful modern furniture then added rocks walls, incredible color, quirky accents and….. a slide! Running from the fourth floor, down to the first, is a stainless steel, fully functional, tubular slide. I mean, a home…

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210 Square Feet. Yes, Really!

I am not one of those people that shies away from small spaces. I am always wowed when someone creates a tiny yet incredible, fully functioning home. The guys at Minim Micro Homes design teeny spaces that are wall to wall functionality and are not short on style. Of course, in working with a small space, one has to get creative with where to put the necessities like a bed…

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Copacaba Triplex in Rio de Janeiro

So many modern and elegant touches are found throughout this incredible home by Carlos Cesar Ferreira Arquitetura. Keeping the interior neutral was a brilliant choice which allows the stunning views to shine from room to room. The terrace offers a perfect view of the beauty that is Rio.(all photos from Carlos Cesar Ferreira Arquitetura via Home Adore) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Cat Mountain Residence in Tucson

Cat Mountain Residence by Cornerstone Architects is so stunning! While the whole house is perfectly put together it still has a very effortless and natural feel to it. Cornerstone made beautiful use of reclaimed wood and numerous architectural accents. They filled each spacious room with incredible furniture and eye catching prints. I love the pink bathroom!! It’s so unexpected and playful. And, I can’t forget the views! Amazing. (photos from…

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Noe Valley Residence

With a Victorian exterior, clean lines and a neutral color palette, Noe Valley is a residence to behold. Classic on the outside and beautifully updated on the inside, Noe Valley is relaxed and minimal but still full on fabulous! (all photos from Home Adore) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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A Country House in Treviso, Italy

Sometimes a house is so simple and raw that the beauty of the home itself it what you notice more than what’s furnishing it (don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic vintage pieces in here!). This private, country residence it Treviso, Italy is such a place. The clean exterior lines are accentuated by ivy that covers the house. The crystal clear glass reflects the beautiful surroundings in such a…

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