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Month: July 2014

Art Deco and Amazing

Who says a small home can’t be BIG on style and design?! Certainly not designer Nick Olsen who is the mind behind this 1,000 square foot, colorful Art Deco styled apartment. Lots of bright and bold colors, prints, fabrics and accents really make a statement! (all photos from House Beautiful) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Bette Midler’s New York Home

For someone as talented and vibrant as Bette Midler, you might expect her home to be a little outrageous and a bit over the top but, you’d be wrong. Bette’s New York apartment is so classy, refined and beautiful. With a fabulous balcony, huge windows and lots of space to roam, the Divine Miss M’s NYC abode is a dreamy spot indeed.(all photos from Architectural Digest) – The Premier…

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Houzz – “Know Your Sofa Options”

Recently, Houzz took the time to school us on the various options we have when it comes to choosing the perfect sofa. Cushions, arm style, backs, skirted or not, Houzz gives us the low down on the things to think about before you start shopping.  Houzz honored High Fashion Home by using our very own Gorgeous and Glowing Room Idea, featuring our Lily Grand Sofa, as their skirted example. Tremendous…

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Hollywood Glam in South Florida

I’m not sure where to start with this supremely glamorous South Florida home!! The luxurious fabrics covering every piece of fabulous furniture, the great use of color in each room, the patterned glass bead wallpaper on the ceilings, the molding?! So much to appreciate! DKOR Interiors brought in the glam and created a unique and incredible home!(all photos from Home Adore) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion,…


Jessica Alba’s Bedroom Gets A New Look!

When Jessica Alba decided she was ready to give her master bedroom a makeover, she worked with the Creative Director of Domaine Home, Mat Sanders, to achieve her goal of “airy, thoughtful and chill.” Mission accomplished! Mat and Jessica created an inspired and spectacular indoor (and outdoor) space that is vibrant, relaxed, full of personality and has so many wonderful designs touches and accents (including our Antique Gold Urchins!!!). (all…

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Benjamin Dhong Interiors

If you are looking for someone to create a unique, refined and luxurious space, Benjamin Dhong may be just the designer you’re looking for! Benjamin’s interiors are elegant and eclectic at the same time. I love that he enjoys a well placed mirror (or a whole wall of them), big art pieces and he’s not afraid to bring a little drama to a room. Love his work!(all photos from Benjamin…

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At Home With Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta’s California home is so fabulous. First, it’s in beautiful Santa Monica! Second, her home is so charming, eclectic and inviting. Great color, accent pieces, character and design ideas are in every corner of Amber’s Cali beauty. Love it.(all photos from InStyle) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Marvelous in Memorial Park

This fabulous home (in the Memorial Park area of Houston) has such wide open rooms bursting with personality and brilliant design. A fantastic blend of bold and classic. Love it!(all photos from Home Adore) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Christina Murphy Interiors

I am so happy to have stumbled upon Christina Murphy Interiors. Christina Murphy, Meg Gabriele and Nina Carbone make up the CMI firm and they create some truly inspired designs! Their spaces are so elegant, creative and classic with a twist. I appreciate that they love a great lacquered wall, that they blend modern furniture with antiques and they are not afraid to throw around some color and amazing prints…

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Blogs We Love – The Decorista!

If you haven’t met The Decorista yet, it’s high time you did! Ashlina Kaposta IS The Decorista and she is a super talented and very busy lady. Between her interior design and stylist services, The Decorista blog and her e-decorating work, Ashlina has a lot on her plate. Her interiors are chic and sophisticated and her blog ALWAYS has something beautiful and inspiring to share. You’ll see…..(all photos from The…

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