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Month: January 2013

Recycled Victorian Chair!

Created from 5PLY corrugated boards made with recycled paper, the Victorian Chair-Eco Remix is unique AND eco-friendly. Designed by Prasanna Sankhe, of HYPHEN, this black and white cardboard chair is simple, classic and funky all at the same time. Surprisingly, the chair will support 260 pounds and, as far as Victorian chairs go, is pretty inexpensive. Check it out!(photos from freshome) – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic,…

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Barn Doors!

In yesterdays post, I mentioned how the use of barn doors in home decor is popping up more and more! They are being used for all sorts of things. Give them a distressed look, shine them up to look new or in some cases, just make your own “barn door”. I got to looking around for some great inspiration and here’s some of what’s out there.  Sliding pantry doors. (photo…

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10 Simple Home Makeover Ideas from House Beautiful!

House Beautiful asked their readers to offer up their best easy home makeover ideas that they have personally put into use in their own homes. You may have already heard of or used some of these ideas and some may be new. Either way, simple DIY ideas for home improvement are ALWAYS worth reading!(all photos from House Beautiful)  Kick that cabinet up a notch with color paint, wallpaper or fabric!…


Plus Design!!

I LOVE talking up Houston’s local businesses and the locals that I am going to talk about now are the peeps over at Plus Design. Plus Design is headed by designer and founder, Marty Joyce. Marty has over a decade of experience in creating custom furniture pieces and architectural fixtures for homes and businesses. You can see some of Plus Design’s handiwork at local Houston businesses such as Settlement Goods…

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Ex-Cement Factory = Gorgeous House??

I don’t think that many of us would include an old cement factory on our list of places we would want to make our home. That being said, you may change your mind after seeing this one. Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill, was so inspired by one ex-cement factory that he decided to turn it into his home and offices. Have a look —-(all photos from Elle Decor)  The Central Hall.…

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Concrete and Rubber United!!

The words, concrete and rubber are not often put together in the same sentence. I don’t think that I have ever heard of them being put together to make a light fixture either…. UNTIL NOW! Renate Vos’s Concrete Bin pendant lamp is made mostly of concrete and has a thin silicone rubber border. Truly unique and inventive.(all photos from design milk) – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic,…

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Amity Worrel – Interior Designer

While waiting for my oil to be changed, I perused an Austin specific (sorry I can’t remember the name) interior design magazine. Pages and pages of envy worthy design and I was then introduced to Amity Worrel. Amity is an interior designer in Austin, TX and I LOVE her work! She’s not afraid to use color, she chooses interesting prints and nice core pieces. Here, see what I mean??  From…


Beautiful Inside and Out!!

The Dorsey Residence (by Coates Design) is an excellent mix of clean lines and simple on the outside and energetic and funky on the inside. I love the variety of textures and “ingredients” (concrete, bamboo, laminate, steel) used in the creation of this Washington State home. The gorgeous surrounding landscape is the cherry on top!(all photos from Contemporist) – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern Lifestyle.

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This House is ALIVE!

Well, the house itself is not really alive but the outside of it is covered in over 4500 living, growing plants!! Green roofs have been increasing in popularity over the years and now we have green…. facade?? Not sure what to call it but I love it! The interior of this Lisbon home (designed by Luís Rebelo de Andrade, Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal) isn’t too shabby (wink, wink… it’s…

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Let’s Pin It To Win It!

Another Pinterest Contest you ask?!! YES!!! Why not?! We LOVE Pinterest!!! High Fashion Home’s Pin It To Win It Contest is on for a chance to win one of three $300 gift cards to High Fashion Home! To enter, check out the “What’s New” section of the High Fashion Home website. Choose 10-20 of your favorite “What’s New” items and pin them to your Pinterest board titled High Fashion Home’s…

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