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Month: June 2012

First Ever American Leather Comfort Recliner Sale!

Don’t miss out on the first ever, factory authorized American Leather Comfort Recliner Sale. It features the Infinity System, a personal, infinite-position system that adjusts to your exact comfort needs. Available in 14 different styles, 500 fabrics, and 90 leathers. Get $200 off your special order starting today! Call to order: 1.888.685.3838 Choose Your Size: Choose Your Style: Call To Order: 1.888.685.3838 – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the…


CC’s 5 Faves – SANTOMER!!

Lots of you may already be acquainted with our Santomer furniture at HFH but in case you’re not, readers, meet Santomer, Santomer meet our readers… I truly have a love for all things Santomer!!The various colors of the woods used, the gentle texture of each piece, their superb quality and one-of-a-kindess make these such gorgeous, standout additions to any home.  Santomer 6 Drawer Dresser.. I think I love this the…


Pretty Fab Prefabs!!

Beautiful, modern and “I want one!” are not words that usually come to mind when I think of prefabricated homes. Then I came across this article on MSN! The article shows off 10 prefab designs and each of them are quite fabulous looking! See what I mean….. An Ideabox home decorated by Ikea A kitHAUS module Homes by Resolution:4 Architecture The C6 by LivingHomes  The weeHouse by Alchemy Architects Zamore…


Pin It To Win It!!!

Another Pinterest Contest you ask?!! YES!!! Why not?! We LOVE Pinterest!!! High Fashion Home’s Pin It To Win It Contest is on for a chance to win one of three $250 gift cards to High Fashion Home! To enter, check out the “What’s New” section of the High Fashion Home website. Choose 10-20 of your favorite “What’s New” items and pin them to your Pinterest board titled High Fashion Home’s…

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CC’s 5 Faves – Chandeliers and Pendants!!

Who doesn’t love a fabulous hanging light fixture? I think every home should have at least one. Allow me to share my 5 faves from High Fashion Home!  Porter Metal Shade  The Jute-Wrapped Chandelier The Pendant Lamp Bundle Light The ever popular, Gypsy Chandelier! Love the Osgood Iron Pendant – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern Lifestyle.

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Beautiful Sydney Home!!

This fabulous home in Sydney has so much to celebrate! I love all the beautiful wood, the big sliding doors that open to the backyard, the big balcony upstairs, gorgeous kitchen, the covered outdoor area, the pool!!! Yes to it all!(all photos from freshome) – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern Lifestyle.


A Staricase Made of…. LEGOS?!

Yes! A staircase made of LEGOS! This Chelsea loft belongs to Melissa Marks and Vicente Caride. They needed a home that could change with their needs so they worked with I-BEAM Architecture and created a very flexible and funky home! They have sliding walls to open up or close off areas of the house, hand-drawn artwork on the walls and as I already mentioned, the 20,000+ piece LEGO staircase. Very…

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Boy’s Apartment on GIRLS!!

If any of you watch the new HBO hit show, GIRLS, you may have seen the episode where we first meet Charlie’s apartment. Nevermind why we are taken to the apartment (2 characters and their relationship issues) but the place is so wonderful and full of great design ideas!! Yes, I know it’s a set created in the minds of TV people but so many things in the apartment are…

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Who knew rope could be so versatile in home decor?! Lots of cute ideas!!  Roped Table (photo from Country Living)  Rope Chandelier from Restoration Hardware Rope wall (photo from The Brick House) This Rope Console Table is AMAZING!! (photo from House of Turquoise) Love these rope lights!! (photo from Atelier 688 via Etsy) This is such a cute idea from Martha Stewart! It looks neat in just clear vases too!…


Hanging Beds?!

I love the idea of beds hanging from the ceiling but I do wonder how fantastic they would be to sleep in? I would like to think that they would be amazing! Gently swaying back and forth and rocking me to sleep. OR, they could move so much that I start to feel dizzy and sea sick! Thoughts? Comments??  (Photo from Pioneer Woman) (photo from My Home Ideas) (photo from…