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Month: March 2011

>Pillows, Part 2! Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade Options

>Last week I did a post on pillows and got a suggestion, from Decorative Pillows, to showcase some eco-friendly and fair trade pillow options. They asked and shall receive.For those of you not familiar with the term “fair trade” here is what it means- “Fair Trade is an organized social movement and market based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions and promote sustainability.”…

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Tree House Hotel

>I just found these amazing tree house hotels in Harad, Sweden! They have all kinds of styles that are absolutely phenomenal. They suit anybody’s character from an almost invisible, mirrored look to a very rustic tree house. I would love to experience staying at a hotel like this. Maybe, one day my wish will come true! This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, look at that view! If those…

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High Fashion Home Tour with Dana Tyson!

>[youtube]Dana Tyson from Sunny 99.1 decided to take a glamorous High Fashion Home tour.  If you never been to the store, here is your chance to take a behind the scenes look with Houston’s best radio personality!  I love that lady! – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern Lifestyle.

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>I love pillows. I’ve been looking at a lot of them lately because I want to add a new one to my couch…. or make one for my couch. Pillows are a small thing that can make a big difference in the look of a couch, a bed, a chair and they add a nice touch of color, texture or design without being too overwhelming. I found several online that…


Tug of War: Which living space do you like best?

>Ready for another round of tug of war? We have set up two great living rooms against each other. There’s Earthy Modern which contains the Cynthia sofa that is cute and small, great for apartment living. This room encompasses earth tones that set an easygoing mood. The mid-century modern style combined with the rustic elements all come together well because of the details in the room. Now, the Industrial Countryside…

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New Kids On The Block

>The S Chair and the Mib Chair seem to be bringing a little funk into society. I can tell you that if you need to change up your style, these two chairs will go a long way. Your friends will envy that they didn’t think of this idea first. Instead, they will be stuck with some ordinary plastic chairs that do not compare yours because you, of course, have exquisite taste.…

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Gotta Love Nate!!

>Nate Berkus is such a cute, interior designing genius. There, I said it. And, I really love his show. Today he did a segment on wall design without paint. For those of us who live in apartments or lease condos and can’t paint walls, Nate offers his upholstered wall idea. On the show, he actually took a printed tablecloth (but you could use a sheet or other cotton fabric) and…

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Open Season.

>When the warmth of the sun generates through your body on a beautiful day, no one wants to be cooped indoors. We want to enjoy every minute of those rays of light that bring happiness to our lives. As I was browsing through websites and blogs I notice that the open outdoors is becoming apart of indoor decor. Beautiful large glass sliding doors are being used to extend your home…

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Tug Of War: Which Setting Do You Like Best?

>We decided to change it up a bit. This tug of war won’t be between two items, instead it is between two beautiful dining sets we created in our last catalog. You get to choose between Rustic Zen Ranch or French Gothic Arboretum. In the Rustic Zen Ranch there are a lot of old world pieces that gives the space character. The different elements in this setting are modern, but…

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New Artwork Just In!

>Last week was a very busy week for us because we just received over a thousand pieces of artwork. There were so many creative canvas’s I wanted to take all of them home. I managed to resist the temptation, but here are a few that really caught my eye. En Soiree is 47″ x 68″. It has an almost black background with a elegantly placed women that stands out in…

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