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Month: June 2009

Light Up The Night!

Jacket from Topshop, Heidi Sequined Tank by Son of John from ShopBop. I don’t know about your city, but in Houston setting off your own fireworks is a big no-no. That means using a bit of ingenuity. Create your own fireworks with some strategically placed lights and a super sequined dress (or top… or skirt… or anything). Happy Sparkly Fourth of July! From left to right: Balmain, Blumarine, and 3.1…

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It’s A Cruel Summer

I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s REALLY hot outside. As in, triple-digit hot. Let’s just say I’d like to be as bare as possible when facing the great outdoors. At this point, if I could walk around all day in a swimsuit, I would. I imagine my week would look something like this: Monday: They say red is the best color for board meetings because it conveys power.…

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HF Weekly Obsession: For the Ladies

We’re adding another facet to our little midtown store: boutique. The entire first floor has been transformed with the arrival of a few very cool and comfortable lines of woman’s clothing. We’ve even added a fitting room (a project that was tackled exceptionally by Cynthia, our store’s displayer)! We’re slowly bringing in new lines of tees, dresses, and pants for your shopping pleasure.  I love these easy, simple dresses from…

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Get to the Point

I have an odd hobby. It’s not odd in general- just for a 26-year-old. I love to cross-stitch. My mom did it. My sister did (does?) it. I do it. It’s relaxing. The only skills needed are the abilities to count and undo knots. When I finish a piece, I get a frame-worthy piece of art that I didn’t even have to design myself! I just finished this sampler… …after…

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A Beautiful Monday

Nothing like a dose of inspiration to get your week going. I spied these Lizzie Thomas pop-ups in a magazine and was instantly smitten! Imagine the skill and patience that went into creating these miniatures worlds of wood and paper. I think I’m in love… Hidden Winter, £315 Hidden Forest, £315 Hidden Etching, £350 Hidden Autumn, £315 – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern Lifestyle.

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Hand Written

You know that feeling when you get a handwritten note in the mail? It feels good, like someone took that little bit of extra time to say hello. Handwriting is undeniably warmer than the cold text of Times New Roman. That’s why I love the ways that designers are incorporating handwriting into their pieces… Shakespeare gets ushered into a new medium- wallpaper! By Tracy Kendall. If rugs could talk, I…


HF Weekly Obsession: Baby, It’s All About You

Is it just me, or is everyone getting baby fever? It seems like everyone is either having babies or getting ready to! It must be something in the water because we just got in a whole bunch of awesome baby stuff! Allow me to walk you through it… For the littlest of the wee ones, I love this hand-knitted, Yellow Label fruit rattles. They’re soft and colorful, and you can…

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A Touch of Goth

I figure anytime a new Twilight trailer comes out, people will embrace their inner vampire and goth it up a bit. I’m liking the loads of black lace in fashion and design right now. It’s just enough to make Edward Cullen do a double-take… …Especially if you were sporting Stella McCartney like Liv Tyler at the Time 100 or Kate Bosworth at the Met Ball! Now, that’s what one would…


Got Storage?

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of, for lack of a better term, crap hanging around. This is probably the chief complaint my husband has with our small, one-bedroom apartment. I have too much stuff and not enough places to hide it all. That’s why I find myself dreaming of these cabinets that I pulled from an issue of Domino… Literally, a place for everything! Store the…


Bond, James Bond

I don’t know about you guys but I love James Bond movies. The best part would be the fact that he has the coolest, high-tech gadgets. Well, wait no more because we will be able to talk to someone via wrist watch!LG is releasing the GD910 this July in Europe. The list of cool components range from a Bluetooth, 1.4-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, text to speech capability, and MP3 player–it’s…

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