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Greenwich Street Townhouse

There are so many fabulous things going on in this West Village townhouse! Rob Stuart infused this family home with great color, prints, textures and ornate details while keeping things sophisticated yet kid friendly and fun. (all photos from Home Adore and Rob Stuart) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Watercolor Wallpaper – Black Crow Studios

There is art and there is wallpaper and, thanks to Black Crow Studios, we have artful wallpaper!! Black Crow Studios designs unique and gorgeous wallpapers but, to me, their watercolor wallpapers are some kind of extra special. There is something so delicate and eye catching in the watercolor swirls and varying tones. Such a fan!!! Check out their Etsy shop too. Fantastic pinks, a watercolor accent and our Bombay rug!…

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Amanda Carol Interiors

I love Amanda Carol Interiors! Amanda infuses every design with such vibrance, personality and sophistication. Her interiors are never boring and include so many excellent accents; just check out the incredible chandelier in the dining room below!! Love, love, love!!!(all photos from Amanda Carol Interiors) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Copacaba Triplex in Rio de Janeiro

So many modern and elegant touches are found throughout this incredible home by Carlos Cesar Ferreira Arquitetura. Keeping the interior neutral was a brilliant choice which allows the stunning views to shine from room to room. The terrace offers a perfect view of the beauty that is Rio.(all photos from Carlos Cesar Ferreira Arquitetura via Home Adore) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Vibrant Miami Beach Condo

This Miami Beach home is full of color and personality! I love when when designers and their clients aren’t afraid to throw some vibrant hues around the house. Natural light floods every space in this high-rise and further brightens all the white, greens and blues. So fun!(all photos from House Beautiful) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Riverside Penthouse – Tobi Fairley

I absolutely LOVE the work of Tobi Fairley!! Riverside Penthouse by Tobi is a whole new level of amazing! Each room is so bold and incredible with a very polished and refined look. Tobi included so many rich colors, eye catching prints and the watercolor walls in the foyer are so brilliant! Love, love!! If you missed our previous post about Tobi, you can see it here. (all photos from…

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Cyndi Parker Interiors

“We leave our egos at the door and work tirelessly to craft beautiful, comfortable spaces for our clients.” That’s the first line you read when you visit Cyndi Parker Interiors’, Get to Know Us page and they are definitely providing exactly that for their clients!! The work of Cyndi Parker is crisp, modern, sophisticated and classic. Each design looks so relaxed and put together. Love!(all photos from Cyndi Parker Interiors)…

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Dutch Door House by Magnolia

You may already know Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia from their HGTV show, Fixer Upper, or their blog or maybe from working with them. Fixer Upper is now in it’s second season and they recently aired an episode on The Dutch Door House. Chip and Joanna worked with the home owners to completely makeover their new house; giving the exterior a facelift, opening up the interior and creating a…

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Anne Hepfer Interiors

I am in awe of Anne Hepfer’s work. Anne’s designs are layered, artistic, sophisticated and unique. Each space she puts together is detailed, brilliantly planned and she infuses each interior with such personality. I love that she isn’t afraid to throw in some color and great prints. (all photos from Anne Hepfer) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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Tara Fingold Interiors

The work of Tara Fingold is elegant and effortless. The interiors that Tara and her team design are sophisticated, beautifully thought out yet look very relaxed. Love the clean lines and mix of textures that they include in their spaces. (all photos from Tara Fingold) – The Premier Destination for Home Decor, Fashion, and Gifts.

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