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The Home of Peter and Tara Guber

You might expect the Los Angeles home of an entertainment industry executive to be grandiose, extravagant and beautiful. The home of Peter Guber and his wife, Tara, proves that those assumptions would be true BUT their home offers some truly unexpected interior twists that make it completely unique and special. A mix of textures, materials, ornate and simple run throughout their home giving the whole place a supreme personality all it’s own.
(interior design by Nancy Heller – all photos from Architectural Digest)

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  1. This is a simply gorgeous home. Just wonderful to live in.

  2. Hi Peter and Tara, I wish to stay for atleast a weekend at this gorgeously amazing home. Each morning to you would be like waking up in heaven. I'm addicted by your adobe. Thanks for sharing the idaeas.

  3. It’s a great way to involve your kids with techie crafts and make them explore new fun activites as well. Great idea Beth (y)

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