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Amazing Tile Floors

I love the intricate and multicolored designs you can get with tiled floors. Chevron, Herringbone, Mosaic, Moroccan inspired….. There are so many amazing tile floor ideas out there. Here are just a few –

 Photo from The Tory Blog
 Photo from Pinterest
Photo from Head Over Heels
Tiles from Purpura,  photo from Present & Correct
Photo from Indulgy
 Photo from Just The Design
Photo from Pinterest

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  1. Bathroom floor tile is presented in an amazing number of materials like vinyl and Ceramic tiles are what come in my mind first. Also they are the most well-liked and perhaps the most realistic. Having tiles match with your bathroom vanity cabinet is also a good idea to gives your bathroom a completely fresh look. Seriously I really like your collections and looking for more. Keep Posting! :)

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