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Stand Alone Tubs!

The bathtub. Sometimes the tub is just part of a shower/tub combo and other times the tub is the focal point of a bathroom. I recently stayed in a hotel with the most beautiful stand alone tub. That got me thinking of the fact that the stand alone tub is not a usual design choice for the bathroom so I wanted to find some inspiration. Why don’t we all have tubs like these?

(photo from Kiki’s List)
 (photo from Looking At Glass)
(photo from La Boheme)
(photo from Pinterest)
(photo from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)
(photo from Kitchen Clarity)
(photo from Pinterest)
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  1. Thank you, Kadrium Designs!! We are so happy you checked us out!! :)

  2. I love the idea of stand alone tubs because it brings a sophisticated appeal to a bathroom. It looks chic and elegant.

  3. HiI really appreciate you sharing this post with us. Yes, standalone bathtubs may be the great addition to your bathroom and when it comes to design they are available in traditional to French styles and it will sure to offer you an unforgettable bathing experience.———————————-steam showers

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