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Interior Design Trends for 2013!!

Wanna know some hot interior design trends for 2013?? Well, thanks to House Beautiful and Elle Decor, we have some idea! Here are their top design trends for this year.

BRASS!! That painting in the background is pretty fantastic too!
(House Beautiful)

 Elle Decor agrees with House Beautiful on BRASS!
(Elle Decor)

Elegant, graceful design
Homey Kitchens! More tile and wood accents.
From the runway to your living room sofa! Computer generated fabrics!!
(House Beautiful)

 GREEN!!! Yes! We already knew this. : )
(Elle Decor)

GLOSS!! Lacquer! POLISH! The shinier the better?? What do you think?
(House Beautiful)

 Embellished Walls!
(Elle Decor)

Emphasis on ART!
Bright Paint Colors!
Sophisticated Man Caves!
Antique Furniture!
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  1. Interior designs can vary and each one can transform a room into something special. One of the special things to do with interior designs is that it is based on personal taste so you can guarantee that each design will be different.

  2. Love the beige color scheme. Pair that with some brass and have one of the walls embellished; that would be my dream space for a long time to come. I’d love to have shiny pieces here and there, but don’t really have the time to keep them pristine. Those blue toned pearlescent tiles in the kitchen photo are to die for as well!

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