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John Robshaw Beds!!

Last week, we posted about John Robshaw’s textile-rific apartment and many of you commented on loving the bed in his bedroom so I thought I would share pictures of Mr. Robshaw’s NEW Headboard line!! They are fabulous shapes and you can get them in ANY of the lovely fabrics by John Robshaw. Feast your eyes!!!
(all photos from John Robshaw’s website)

 The Kerala Bed with the handpainted Pink Elephant Pillow and the Danda Bedding.

The Bihar headboard with the Han Clay Bolster.

The Orissa headboard with the Raatha Bedding.
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  1. Wow, this bedding is stunning. I'm borderline obsessed with each and every look you have here. How do I place a bulk order? (Once I double check with the kids..)

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