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Boy’s Apartment on GIRLS!!

If any of you watch the new HBO hit show, GIRLS, you may have seen the episode where we first meet Charlie’s apartment. Nevermind why we are taken to the apartment (2 characters and their relationship issues) but the place is so wonderful and full of great design ideas!! Yes, I know it’s a set created in the minds of TV people but so many things in the apartment are TOTALLY doable in the real world. See what I mean —
(all photos from L.A. Times)

Initial design drawing of the space created by production designer, Laura Ballinger Gardner.

The color blocking on the plywood cabinets was inspired by Piet Mondrian.

Now this is brilliant. There is so much happening in this little area. Bed, stairs, storage, lounge area on top of the bed and small seating area!!

 A shot of inside the bed cave.
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