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Stairs and Stairs!

A lot of people hate stairs. Me? I have always loved stairs. There is something very beautiful about stairs and I have come across so many fabulous ideas for making stairs fun and different. Allow me to share the stairs with you…..

Love the designs between each step.
(photo from French by Design)
(photo found via Pinterest)
I so love these bright and cheery yellow stairs!!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
So beautiful to look at. Gorgeous.
(photo found via Pinterest)
These are fabulous and fun!!
(photo from Designers Block)
Double duty bookshelf stairs!
(photo from Noosh Kids)
These have got to be the craziest most intimidating stairs I have ever seen!! You better be really coordinated and sober. ; )
(photo from Thriftify!)
Technically an escalator but how funny!!
(photo from Damn! LOL)
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  1. Something new :) Book shelve stairs is a wonderful idea :) and Homer Simpson's escalator is truly awesome :)

  2. I thought the Homer escalator was hilarious!! I just had to add it. I'm so happy you enjoyed the post! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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