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White On!!!

I have always loved white rooms and white furniture but I am not brave enough to actually have an all white (or mostly white) room or sofa, for that matter. But I do love all the white. It’s so bright, so clean and everything goes with it!

(photo from Shoot Factory)
(photo from Laura Day)
(photo from me & Alice)
 (photo from Design Sponge)
(photo from Centsational Girl)
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  1. The walls are simple and quiet but sophisticated. Add more colors and you'll give your wall more life.

  2. I love white rooms too. My bedroom is off-white, with white walls, white painted floorboards, curtains and wardrobes. The light pours into my room and makes it amazingly light and airy. Not sure how functional and practical an all-white home is though. I have cats which means muddy paws sometimes. And children end up spilling things everywhere including on floors, furniture and walls. However if you have a white decor, all it takes is a lick of paint to make it white and fresh again.

  3. It seems that white is becoming a very popular color when decorating. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights about the beauty of a pure white room.

  4. I am so happy that all of you enjoyed this post! It's true that an all white area is tough to keep spotless all the time but there really is something simple and gorgeous about a white room.Thank you all for reading and commenting!!

  5. Hey, it's great coincident because I also love white color too much and always try to have white furniture for my place to make it calm and peaceful. I agree that it's really tough sometime regarding its maintenance and durability but there are many things to handle this issue. All above pictures are so beautiful and expressing your that that how beautiful thoughts you have. Thank you so much for this inspiring and lovely post.

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