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Amazing Bathtub!!

I am not really sure it can be called a bathtub because it’s unlike any tub I have EVER seen. I came across this bath area via Pinterest (and they found it via The Messes of Men who got it from French By Design who thanks Architectural Digest, WHEW!) and I just had to know what it was made of. Apparently, it’s a giant piece of granite hollowed out and sculpted to be a tub. Not the least expensive tub around but what an exciting, unique and beautiful design.

 The unsightly plumbing pipes are hidden in the wooden box! Clever.
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  1. Hard to believe that bathtub is made of granite. I love the look and feel but think a greater clash of 'earth meets industrial' needs to be applied, or simply go full on with earthy tones and textures.

  2. WOW! this bath is amazing – looks like a lot of very hard work to produce this

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