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Black and White!

I LOVE black and white. And black and white rooms are fabulous! So classic and at times they can be really funky. Here are some black and white inspired rooms—

Love it! The mirrored piece by the wall really sets it off!!
 LOTS of black and white!
(photo from home klondike)
There’s some funky black and white! Yes!!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Love this room!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Such an incredible kids room!!
(photo from the boo and the boy
 Yes! And that mirror?! Must have!
(photo from Northern Light)
And in the kitchen. Lovely.
(photo from Sacramento Street)
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  1. I am a fan of black and white but it needs another color like red or orange to make the colors pop.

  2. Disagree, black and white together is a classic molded into this contemporary modern kitchen.

  3. I am totally agree with you Paul. White and Black can give and place traditional or contemporary look. And this things is being shown here. I really love white furniture with black combination too.

  4. So nice post. I like the black and white color combination so much.

  5. Black and white works really well, very clean and modern looking, especially if used in a bathroom with the tiling and shower or bath cabin.

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