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Think Pink!

I do love the color pink. It’s the most girly of all girly colors and when used well in a space, pink can really brighten things up and add interest to the room. I found some great pictures of rooms where pink is used and looks fabulous. Enjoy! : )

I don’t think I would have ever thought to paint all the cabinets pink but they look incredible! And then little pink splashes in the other rooms look beautiful.
(photo from Fancy House Road)

LOVE the pink and black chair!!

Yep, a pink desk! Love it, right? Also, a great idea to have the chalkboard wall and calendar behind it!

Yes, yes and yes to all of these pink ideas! The pink pillows look fabulous on the brown couch. I love the pink ruffle throw and side table! 
(photo from Fancy House Road)
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  1. The pink kitchen is so retro! Not sure if it'd fit in with my decor however; thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for reading!!

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