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Magdalena Keck (Via Made by Girl)

Very similar to our Amelia Bed. This is a great, timeless look.

From Made By Girl, the photos are from interior designer, Magdalena Keck’s, latest residential project in New York.  Her aesthetic is very clean, yet elegant.  Enjoy.

Fabulous corner view of the New York skyline.  Nice over sized rug to help define the living room space.

The kitchen is a minimal, no fuss design.  Some kitchens have way too many gadgets that overwhelm the basics.
I hate visiting bathrooms that have a ton of clutter.  This is a bathroom where nothing is hiding and looks gorgeously clean to boot.

Starting to see a lot more stainless steel counter tops.  Foodies are trying to emulate their favorite restaurant kitchen.

In order to properly entertain guests, you need to have the bar in close proximity to the seating area.

Adding bookshelves is a great use of the space beneath the stairs.  How come none of the houses on MTV Cribs have any bookshelves?
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