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Jerry’s Amazing Adventure!!

HFGuy recently came back from a tour of Europe and Jerry, the High Fashion Home bag (not me!! grrr!), was able to accompany him throughout. They visited Rome, London, France, and Barcelona and took pictures while sight seeing, which can be seen on our Twitter account! So head over there, get a free account, and start following us (fyi, you get updates via our twitter of when our blog is…

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Nate Burkus’ Farewell

For those of you who haven’t heard, Nate Burkus recently appeared on Oprah for his final appearance on her show (boo!). He’s heading to New York because he is the next person to have been touched by the “Oprah Factor” and will now get his own show (hooray!). Berkus became a main staple on Winfrey’s show after redecorating a small studio apartment into a lavish, multi-functional space. I’m a huge…

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Paloma Picasso’s Moroccan Retreat

While running yesterday, with the boyfriend, I was thinking that we needed to get away. Whether it be a full fledged vacation with the works or just a quick weekend getaway. I was just thinking that we needed a break from the norm, then it hit me like a runaway freight train! My friend Paloma Picasso, daughter of renowned painter Pablo Picasso, has a Moroccan home that is her retreat,…

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Apt. Therapy + A Big Book = Small, Cool Places

Okay!!….I have to admit it, I have not been to Apartment Therapy’s blog lately and I know you guys want to hurt me bad! (GASP!!) While I was over at one of my new favorite blogs, Cool Hunting, I stumbled onto something that I should have known about ages ago!!Apartment Therapy has just released a book, named Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Places, by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of…

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Fashion Designer – Dion Lee

I’m very excited about this up and coming fashion designer from down under. Dion Lee, who comes to us from Sydney, Australia, is making waves in the fashion world and from the looks of it I can see why. I discovered him via Zimbio and StreetPeeper while doing my regular surfing of the net and I’m definitely loving his aesthetic! – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern…

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Office in a Nook

I would love it if my small (but larger than the last one) apartment had a nook in which I could build a space for my husband’s computer.  Since we’ve been married, I’ve had to fall asleep to the glow of the computer until he turned it off to come to be.  It’s not an awesome way to fall asleep.  A nook for his computer would be wonderful, and these…

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See The Light!

Friday May 7, from 1-3PM meet the team behind See the Light lip gloss from Beauty for Real at High Fashion Home. “See the light! press the button on the cap when you need a little light in your life. illuminate in a theater, dark restaurant or at a concert. the mirror and the light are indispendable for getting the application right every time…The formula loaded with plant derived antioxidents…

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Most Romantic Homes

A few months ago a list of the Top Ten Most Romantic Homes, for sale on the market, were named by The homes come from all over the U.S., from Hawaii and California to New York and Florida. The house that took the spot as The Most Romantic Home in the country came from San Francisco, C.A. I, however, fell in love with the estate that ranked third on…

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Green Dream Home

The people over at HGTV have done it again!! They have already given away the 2010 Dream Home, located in Sandia, N.M., but have a “green” home up for grabs. This years eco-friendly cottage was built in Plymouth, M.A. and looks like a comfy and environmentally conscious way of living. The sweepstakes for the Green Dream Home ends June 4th, so check it out! Who knows, you might win and/or…

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