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Closet Overhaul

It’s all fine and good to clean out your closet. I’ve done it more times than I care to count. But what about turning you closet into something different altogether? Real Simple featured three closets that did just that…

If you can’t use bright, funky wallpaper in a closet, you can’t use it anywhere! What a perfect little work nook, complete with DIY wrapping paper storage and a light drape to hide it away when guests come!
I can’t get enough of book nooks. What a charming alternative to a library! I love the step ladder that folds into a little reading chair.

And I’ve been spending all of this time looking for a small table on which to perch a bar, when all I needed was an empty closet. Okay, there is a touch of sarcasm there, because I don’t have any empty closets with which to recreate any of these transformations, but I won’t be living in my apartment forever, and these are lovely transformations, indeed. I love how they mirrored the closet to make it appear huge! Also, a lot of the drawers and such came from IKEA. Great storage, low price!

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