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Baby, It’s Hot Outside

There is nothing worse than coming in from the 100 degree heat just to get into a hot bed. You wouldn’t wear a coat in July, so why should your bed? I adhere to the idea of using the hot months as a chance to change up my bedroom a little bit and just use sheets. Okay, and maybe a light blanket, because that air conditioning can get drafty. When I use my patterned comforter, I stick to basic white sheets, but when the duvet is a away, the sheets can play (or something like that). Here are the ones I have my eye on:

Rubie Green’s East Village Sheet Set, $179-229

Crate & Barrel’s Tallulah Sheet Set, $45-$80

West Elm’s Printed Percale Sheet Set, $79-119

Dwell Studio’s Draper Stripe Sheet Set, $286-$341

Plover Organic’s Drowsy Vine Sheet Set, $228-$269 at Anthropologie

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  1. Actually, most people nowadays keep summer sheets for their bedding all year long. Personally, I agree with the choice. They are much better decor options esthetically, and with the invention of indoor heater, you really don't need heavy sheets to stay warm during the winter.Nicolette

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