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Luxurious, Minimalist Interior Design!

Luxury, Tamed! – NY Times

Kips Bay Decorator Show House was a tribute to Albert Hadley, the Tennessee-born minimalist who provided a balance for the English country house-style maximalism of his partner, Sister Parish. Check out some on the luscious photos of eclectic interior decorating at it’s best:

The tufted, velvet chaise is unbelievably, fabulous.

Liza Cousins and Natasha Bergreen’s softer design incorporated used athletic equipment and a sofa from Ms. Bergreen’s aunt.

Combining a very traditional bed with a beautiful lilac fabric, makes the bed a perfect fit in this modern room.

Christopher Maya hung a metal chandelier dipped in plaster.

The wallpaper in Jamie Drake’s room was handpainted by Alpha Workshops. It’s wonderful when you can fit a sofa that long in your room. Every furniture piece and color complements each other exquisitely.

William T. Georgis’s panic room anticipated impending global catastrophe with a twirling disco ball, automatic weapons (reproductions, of course) and a Russ Meyer movie.

An homage to the “Bocca della Verit√†” (The Mouth of Truth) in Rome, John Ike’s room is a challenge to “be your truest self” in bed, he said. The bales of hay he used as side tables were “just an idea.”

The decorator Amy Lau had Jo Lynn Alcorn, a paper artist, make an installation of Maya Romanoff wallpaper.
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  2. These were pretty fun! Don't know how I've gotten this far without including hay bales or a disco ball in my interiors. Takes a client with some serious pluck to let you include some of these whimsical elements. On the other hand — my husband had a surfboard leaning in the corner of his kitchen when we met. Who knew he was ahead of his time with interior design?

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