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Sweep Me Off To Paris!

Something about a summer in Paris is really appealing to me right now. Maybe it’s the dreary, rainy weather we’re having in Houston. Maybe it’s the small and architecture-free apartment I’ve been in for close to two years. Maybe it’s the constant reminder of our declining economy from TV to radio and magazines that’s finally getting me down. Either way, I need a vacation, and a trip to Paris would be just lover-ly.

via Domino

Of course, that involves quite a bit of funding that I just don’t have at the moment. I’ll have to make do with these Parisian (and faux- Parisian) interiors which are tickling my French fancy.

via Domino

Apparently, the ingredients for a Parisian interior are as follows: 3 parts chevron patterned wooden floor, 1 part ornate fireplace with large mirror overhead, 2 parts French doors with balcony and iron railing, 1 part simple floor-to-ceiling drapes. Voila!

via Domino

Until I can cross the pond and get over there, I’ll be dreaming of French architecture, French fashion, and (my favorite) French crepes! Au revoir!

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