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The Galleria Madness Continues…

Not wanting our area to get stale, we switched out the furniture for a fresher, lighter, Spring look for April! What do you think? For arguments sake, let’s call this the front. The Melina Bed in natural, earth tones flanked by two side tables. A very rustic Louis Bookcase conjures images of Springtime antiquing trips! I love the blue velvet used to cover these chairs. It adds a good dose…

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Sweep Me Off To Paris!

via Elle Decor Something about a summer in Paris is really appealing to me right now. Maybe it’s the dreary, rainy weather we’re having in Houston. Maybe it’s the small and architecture-free apartment I’ve been in for close to two years. Maybe it’s the constant reminder of our declining economy from TV to radio and magazines that’s finally getting me down. Either way, I need a vacation, and a trip…

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This Just In!

I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store! A snippet of the amazing new fabrics we have… These would look wonderful on my sofa… Reversible Horizon 9 Pillow, $46.50. Last week, we received some delightfully spring-y fabrics by Amy Butler in our store. Whimsical prints! Unapologetically bold colors! Perfect for recovery from a dreary, gray winter! And the fun doesn’t stop there… Please send to me one of these…

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Galleria Madness!

We set up shop at the Galleria a couple of weeks ago. Within our 400 square foot boundary, we set up vignettes to communicate the brand and essence of High Fashion Home. Here is our first attempt: Our setup is between DeBeers and Christian Dior…Not too shabby. The Houston Galleria is the 5th largest mall in the country. Every man, woman, and child stops to look at the teak root…

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Still Loving Suzani!

Elle Decor had a little suzani on it’s cover. Love the sofa! I’d love to add some suzani to my living room. Beautiful, colorful fabrics add a touch of bohemian to even the most classic room. The patterns are so gorgeous that just a little bit will go a long way. Suzani has been in for a couple of years now, but it doesn’t show any signs of leaving, so…

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La, La, La, Lavender!

I went shopping at the Houston Galleria last Sunday (and bumped into my sister-in-law and boss! Apparently it was a day to shop!). I noticed a very prominent theme. There was lavender everywhere! It wasn’t a dull shade of mauve either- it was a beautiful, rosy shade of lilac. A shade that brightens up the skin from a long, dark winter and boosts you into summer. Paired with other bright…

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Hi. I’m Mat.

When you are meeting someone new in person, their first impression is you- how you look, what you say, how you act. When someone comes to your house, their first impression is the front door. Now, you could introduce yourself with a plain jane doormat like this one: But why would you when you could place on of these at your doorstep? Which side you face toward potential houseguests is…

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Sleep Tight

I’d never given it much thought before, but I love the look of upholstered headboards. They give the bedroom a certain softness that a big piece of wood can’t. I’ve been surfing the Domino website a lot lately, pulling inspiration photos before they shut down, and I found a lot of headboard eye candy… Grey moire and navy floral- calm and collected. Check out the ceiling, too! Is calm isn’t…

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Wishing On A Wall

Here at the store, we try to come up with new and innovative ways to grab our customers’ attention. Sometimes, it’s with bright window displays. Other times, with a new line of awesome furniture. This time, it’s just about interaction. There’s lots of room left for all of your wishes! Meet the Wish Wall. It’s simple really: Come to our store, write down your wish on a colorful slip of…

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Just to Say “Thank You”

It’s always nice to bring a host or hostess a little something to thank them for the entertaining efforts, but rather than picking up a random little something at the store, put your own touch on a gift. I love reading Creature Comforts– such cute ideas and inspirations. This was one of my favorites: Wrap a couple of matchboxes in cute paper, add a label, tie with ribbon or yarn,…

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