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Happy (Recession) Valentine’s Day

Mmmm… caramels. The dish is really cute, too! I wouldn’t mind painting one over at a ceramics studio to go with the gift! But I’m losing focus here. Find the recipe at House Beautiful.
Isn’t love lovely? It’s also costs an arm and a leg. You’ve got dinners to pay for, birthday and Christmas gifts, and the greatest money-sucker of all: Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong! I love the holiday! Any holiday that looks like pink exploded all over the world is A-ok with me. And my mom still gives me yummy heart shaped cookies. (If you’re reading this, do I still get them this year even though I’m married?)

I swear I have a point with all of this rambling. My point is, I have vowed not to spend a fortune on a gift for my husband this V-Day. I’m going to use the old tactic of getting to his heart via his stomach with some baked goodies. Apparently, this is a popular idea, because a lot of my favorite magazines and blogs are supplying me with tasty recipes. So throw on your chef’s hat and get to baking!

My apologies. The recipe for these delicious looking Chocolate Chunk & Cherry Cookies is not online, but you can get it in this month’s issue of Country Living!
What is a holiday without a little Martha? Her Heart-Shaped Meringues with Passion Fruit Curd look refreshingly tasty!

I’m not a big coconut fan, but these won me over. Chocolate-dipped Macaroons via Domino.

I couldn’t resist these. The icing looks like a sprinkled cloud! Red Velvet Cupcakes with Fluffy Meringue Icing via Food Network.

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