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Will you be my Valentine??

Valentine’s Day is only 17 days away and counting so I’ve listed a few ideas for your special someone in case you’ve completely wrecked your brains!!

A romantic night in is always a safe bet! Everyone loves chocolate, wine, and a long hot bath. What would this lovely situation be without candles!?A romantic fusion of the exotic spices and precious woods of His and the blend of Tahitian vanilla and spun sugar of Hers. His and Hers Blend Quickies burn for 5 hours each. $24.00
A simple cooked dinner or take-out can be just the ticket from a stressful week and a perfect get-away for your special somone so why not set the mood with simmering, soul music?

Try out one of our cd’s called “Midnight Soul 3“–I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. :) $28.00
I personally find coupons for a free car wash or a movie night a really great idea to give anyone for Valentine’s Day but we carry an item with a new twist on this sentimental gift.

No explanation needed. $5.95

Board games like Monopoly, Cranium or Pictionary are always fun for two or for a house full. Even a good game of cards is worth while so this next item could be something you couples might want to try out. 

Truth or Dare is perfect and might bring you down memory lane (except on cards!). $16.95
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  1. I love the idea of setting the mood! I saw something that might be perfect for that for the “green” people out there, an organic apron from this site I’d order one myself to wear for my hubby, but I think I might end up having another kid if he came home to me in one of these!

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