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Game On!

It all started with this: the Monopoly 1935 edition– the first released by Parker Brothers.
I got a great gift this Christmas: Monopoly. A board game will bring people together better than any video game, TV show, etc. Monopoly had us sitting together, laughing, buying, and selling for over five hours. So sit your family down this weekend with a board game and some snacks. If your family lives a thousand miles away, get your friends together! No one can resist a board game!

I think Monopoly is the ultimate in board gaming, so I took a look at what they’ve done since the original debuted in 1933, and I found out, they’ve done quite a bit. Here’s a peek at my faves, all available at Amazon…

Who doesn’t love the Beatles?
A Christmas Story is a classic, and look- one of the pieces is the leg lamp!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a huge Family Guy fan. Stewie is awesome!

Get your video gaming and board gaming in one with the Nintendo edition.

The latest incarnation: the Here & Now World Edition complete with credit cards. I don’t about you, but I like the satisfaction of seeing piles of cashing lying around me!
Of course, there are tons more editions to choose from. Pick your favorite! If your interested in a little Monopoly history, take a look at their timeline. Have fun!
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