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A Look I Love

Two good examples from Reyes and Rag & Bone. Winters in Houston are funny. Two days ago, I wore short sleeves and sandals to work. Today, I’m wearing a wool coat and boots. For a climate that isn’t often cold, I love the look of a short-sleeved jacket over a long sleeved shirt. I’ve seen several people in our store sporting the look, and I’ve always told them how chic…

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Cool Cribs: Part 1

The other morning my television happened to be on MTV while I was getting ready for work. Normally, this isn’t part of my routine but the show “Cribs” was on and I’ve always enjoyed seeing what celebrities do with their homes (and their hard earned money!). The show has added two episodes called “Teen Cribs” which features the homes of a number of teenagers all over the United States. I’ve…

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Will you be my Valentine??

Valentine’s Day is only 17 days away and counting so I’ve listed a few ideas for your special someone in case you’ve completely wrecked your brains!! A romantic night in is always a safe bet! Everyone loves chocolate, wine, and a long hot bath. What would this lovely situation be without candles!?A romantic fusion of the exotic spices and precious woods of His and the blend of Tahitian vanilla and…

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Office Space

I did a little furniture rearranging this week with my husband. Since we have yet to entertain a single soul in our apartment, we repurposed the dining “room” into an office for me. I had been using a small rectangular table from Ikea as a dining table that magically transformed into a desk once I pushed it against the wall. We gave three of the four dining chairs to charity…

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Zip Up Your Candlesticks!

Solid candle sleeves in a plethora of colors! Here’s a random little tidbit for your Monday afternoon… Do the candlesticks in your chandelier or sconces seem a bit…blah? Want to do something fun, but not spend a ton of money? As I was flipping through House Beautiful the other day, I came across Candle Sleeves by KarrsKoker. Seriously, why didn’t we think of this before? It’s so simple. Plain chandelier/sconce…

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Brilliant Book of the Week: uh-oh Domino!

Yay for the new Domino: Book of Decorating!! I bought it for Sarah’s birthday and now I want one for moi. Oh well. I can’t rave about this book enough. Check it out! “Domino: The Book of Decorating,” by Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, and Dara Caponigro. First of all, it’s hard enough finding decorating books that present their ideas in an organized way. The editors of Domino magazine have…

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Getting My Hooks In

Photo from Domino  In my ongoing closet revamping project for the new year, I wanted to cover a blank wall in an eclectic variety of hooks to hang incidentals like hats, jewelry, and the occasional pair of jeans. The picture above is my inspiration. All that is left is to buy the hooks and install them. Here are some of my favorite hardware choices: Row One: My Best China Hook…

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Wrap Star

Perfect wrapping is a snap. Heidi offers everything you need in one package for your package. It’s impossible to mess up! My favorite part is the ombre ribbon. I know, I know… It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? But nice wrapping never hurts either! Part of the fun of giving gifts is making the wrapping cool and artistic- a package that the receiver almost doesn’t want to open…

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Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Thanks to my bestie, Anna, I have found the coolest image maker EVER! Better than PicNik, Photoshop, or iPhoto! It’s called Poladroid. The other night amidst chips, guacamole, Mr. Goodbars, and the surround sound playing Mamma Mia, I waited for my picture to develop. The cool thing about this program (other than the fact that it’s totally free to download) is you can drag and drop your digital pictures into…

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Yes, We Can!

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington  In case you haven’t heard, we do have a new president coming into office this month. Barack Obama ran his campaign on the message of ‘Change’. His first big ‘Change’ initiative will be to redecorate the White House. He’s enlisted the help of superstar, interior decorator Michael Smith. Smith’s interiors mix furniture and art from a wide range of styles and periods in a way…

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