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When Ya Gotta Go…

This one is my favorite! The signs on the side read from top to bottom: “No tooting in the presence of the Queen!”, “No peasants were harmed in the making of this Thunderbox”, and “A man’s throne is his castle” By David Querbach of Boerne, Texas.

When we began writing this blog, I thought of a lot of things I’d like to write about- fashion, interior design, cool findings, general stylish goodies. It’s safe to say that outhouses did not top my style list. And yet, here I am, blogging about outhouses. On day two of the honeymoon, John and I went to Grape Creek Vineyard to sample some delicious wines (try the Black Label Port!).

A hot rod outhouse, flames and all. Love the wings! By Nancy McGalliard of Comfort, Texas.

Imagine our surprise when we encountered a plethora of outhouses. No, they were not functional, just totally pimped out- outside and in.

 The inside view of an underwater outhouse. Note the algae green velvet seat cushion. The front view is the the photo above. By Dotti Brundrett of Kerrville, Texas.

The decorated outhouses are part of a traveling exhibit called Thunderbox Road. Local artists we invited to participate in the contest for cash prizes and, of course, bragging rights.

 A front view of the hot rod outhouse.

Check out the Thunderbox Road website to see all of the Thunderboxes and get more information on the artists that participated. You can also vote for your favorite on the website. The winners will be announced on May 9th, 2009. Afterward, the Tunderboxes will be auctioned off at the Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, Texas.

Outhouses by Rex Hausmann of Boerne, Tami and Charles Kegley of Boerne, and Betty Rhodes and Greg Glowka of Wimberley and Fischer.

Enjoy the pictures and make sure you check out the website. If you’re in the Hill Country between now and May, look up the exhibit’s location and see them in person!

 A closeup of Rex Hausmann’s Thunderbox.

And the inside view.
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