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Wallpaper, Wow!

Until designers stop coming out with amazingly innovative wallpapers (glow in the dark, light up, and heat sensitive, oh my!), I am just going to have to keep writing about them. Just when I think I’ve found the coolest wallpaper possibly imagined, someone else swoops in with an even cooler concept. I last wrote about wallpaper technology at the end of August, so I think it’s time for another venture into the wide world of wallpaper technology. Yes, technology.

Phosphowall by day and by night.

It’s never fun stubbing your toe on the way to the bathroom at 3 am, but “Phosphowall” by Ich&Kar will make that history. By day, the perky stripes soak up any light they can get their hands on, be it natural or artificial. Then, once every light has been extinguished, they cast a gentle glow on the room.

I love a good combination of light and design. The Nature Ray Charles wallpaper by Camilla Diedrich is a perfect example of beautiful technology. It also comes in a few gorgeous colors to enliven your decor. The first thing that came to mind, when I saw the green version, was the room designed by Andrea in the Swarovski challenge in Top Design. Wouldn’t the Glitterbox Vertical Chandelier she used look breathtaking in front of this wallpaper?!
The green version of Nature Ray Charles wallpaper and Andrea’s room from Top Design

A closeup of the Glitterbox Chandelier. Whoa.

Life is busy. This we know. If your looking for a way to multitask better, I love PixelNotes wallpaper by Duncan Wilson. The entire wall is made up of little post-it notes in four layers, all in different grey tones until you reach the bright red base layer. That takes the notepad by the telephone to a whole new level. I wonder if you could line your office with this…

This may seem low tech at first glance, but there’s a whole lotta tech that goes into it. Every last detail of your wall is measured to create custom warping wallpaper by Surrealien. Subtle, yes, but so, so cool as well.

I’ve saved my favorite for last. It doesn’t light up or make pancakes or anything like that, but it’s really neato. Basic white wallpaper by Samantha Johnson, complete with a zipper, so that you can layer the incognito wallpaper over something bold, and unzip your zipper to reveal the bright paper beneath it. Let your imagination run wild!

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