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Posters are Cool Again! Part One

Remember the posters you used to have in high school? I used to tack mine up with ticky-tack so I could frequently rearrange them. I had all the cool pop stars plastered on my walls. Then came college, and I couldn’t find a single dorm room without the requisite Dave Matthews Band poster on the wall. Posters have a bad rap, but there are lots of artists and graphic designers and general cool people out there trying to change that. You just have to know where to look. I’m going to tell you.

When you need a little motivation…

Alternative Motivational Posters from Right Brain Terrain.

When you need a LOT of motivation…

Limited edition screen prints by Orange Beautiful.

For the design addict…
Chair Exam poster by Blue Art Studio.

For the cinema addict…

Polish “African Queen” poster by Polish Poster Gallery.

For a simply cool graphic…

Poster by Ugmonk.
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  1. I like the motivation one. Everyone should have that poster in their dorm rooms and homes. It’ll remind them to be more efficient.

  2. This poster would be a great reminder to be environmentally friendly to our planet in 2012.Richard Green

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