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These aren’t your normal misfit toys (Part 1)….

Here comes Santa Claus, here come Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane!! Christmas is coming sooner than you may think. Here are some cool tchotchkes that we fully stock and are ready for immediate order!

Dart Coat Hooks, Set of 3, $32.95
Guys tend to decorate their bachelor pads in the “coolest” stuff they can find. I think these dart coat hangers oughta do it.

Decanter Vinoglobe, $13.95
I dunno about you but almost my whole family drinks wine at dinner so when we received these decanters, I thought it would be the perfect gift at a infinitesimal price for those winos!

Sign & Seal, $11.95
Tired of using your personalized, uber expensive pen set? Yeah, we’ve got a neat upgrade. The pen spins too–cool, eh?

Driinn, $6.95
This next gift idea would have to be one of the best ever! Reason being…everyone has a cell phone…which, of course, requires charging and that annoying cord that always takes up so much space and gets tangled–mine drives me crazy, as you can tell. This little gadget helps minimize all the hassle and attaches to the outlet using the charger itself! So yeah, I just helped you with about 8 people’s gifts, easy cheesy.

Beer Bands Bombed, $6.95
Another great one for my peeps who enjoy alcohol, particularly beer. It always gets confusing when no one remembers who’s beer is who’s but…no worries! Beer bands will solve your problem. Choose a word like ripped or polluted and that is officially yours. Back away, that’s my beer!

Cool Jewels Ice Tray Cube, $7.95
Do you know any female that likes to throw girly parties? I know a few and they would all be ecstatic to receive this as a gift. Basically, it’s your classic ice tray except the ice cube molds are in the shape of jewels–no more cubed or crushed, gimme diamonds!!

Giant Stainless Hip Flask, $27.00
Why settle for the typical 8 ounce flask when you can use the big daddy, stainless steel, 18 ounce hip flask!?

Family Guy Monopoly, $39.95
The only show in Fox Television history to be resurrected twice…Family Guy! Now as a monopoly game so if you can’t get enough of the TV show, here’s the perfect gift for you!

One Man Shy Lamp, $120.00
This is probably the most interesting lamp I’ve ever seen. This light is controlled by the switch protruding from Mr. P’s (FYI- Mr. P. is the lamp’s name) body. You might have to look twice.
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  1. I have a random little question for you, how are you able to get the urban outfitters ad, and other awesome ads on your blog? I am dyinggg to know

  2. We don’t actually choose the advertisers. Google Adsense pairs up the advertisers based on the content on your site.

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