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One Sofa, Four Ways

I’ve been pondering something: Why do people with already fantastic style hire stylists? Why do people with impeccable taste hire designers? I think I know the answer (and no, it’s not for a lack of time, though that could be a reason as well). Sometimes you need a second opinion. I see things from my own perspective and it can be hard to look beyond that. But I could bring in another opinion (a stylish sister, perhaps) and an idea that never occurred to me comes to life!

I thought about the way we accessorize new arrivals in our store. No two people design vignettes the same way, but can get equally dazzling results. With that in mind, I gathered two of my fellow bloggers to help me in accessorizing a plain jane sofa for the benefit of you- the reader. Who knows, maybe you’ll take our second, third, and fourth opinions as the inspiration for your redesigned living room!

First, our plain jane sofa, ready for action:

The Aiden Sofa makes a perfect blank canvas with which to begin our work, $1849.

And, here are the results:
Sarah’s Idea

Elliot Chair, $2699; Organic Cocktail Table, $1209; Arden Side Table, $389; Jet Set Black Silk Pillows, $50 each; Carmine Persimmon Velvet Pillow $68; Bamboo Vase, $189; Pomegranate Room Diffuser, $40.

Stephanie’s Idea:
Cedric Cocktail Table, $695; Cedric End Table, $450; Remington Adjustable Stool, $369 each; Wilton Antique Rust Table Lamp, $89.95; Horse Drawn Wagon, $59; Caswell Red Pepper Pillow, $110; Caswell Fudge Pillow, $90; Guava Wood Pedestal Medium, $19.95; Guava Wood Pedestal Small, $13.95.
Brian’s Idea:

Leather Earl Chair, $1589; Copenhagen Coffee Table, $609; Carioca End Table, call for pricing; Skyler Lamp, $209; Cowhide Pillow, $99; Sage Mohair Pillow, $140; Zecar Flywheel Car, $12; Awika Wind-Up, $12; Newton’s Cradle, $6.50.

Jennifer’s Idea:

Exposition Chair, $1429: Sukiya Coffee Table, $999; Soriano Side Table, $199; Whirl Bronze Pillow, $110; Plaza Aqua Pillow, $75.

All items are available at High Fashion Home.
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