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How To: DIY Flower Arrangements

Everyone wants their home to look impeccable to the last detail when they have guests over. It’s also nice to come home after a long day at work and have your home look clean and welcoming. When you desire that extra little bit, it helps to have some flowers around. They’ll make an imperfect room look that much better. Don’t just grab a prearranged bouquet from the grocery store. It’s easy and prettier to do it yourself. I’ve collected lots of inspiration pictures to get you going.

From top left: 1,2,3: Domino magazine. 4: Elle magazine. 5: The Knot. 6: Cynthia Mosser. 7: Vogue magazine. 8-16: Domino

1. A single bright bloom amongst leaves and grapevines suits a wine party.
2. Arrangements aren’t limited to flowers- try large, colorful leaves from the garden for a quick bunch.
3. Small cream blooms wrapped in black paper and ribbon make a statement as a hostess gift.
4. Nothing is easier than one big bloom in a tiny bud vase.
5. Anemones are a beautiful flower when used just by themselves.
6. Try monochromatic blooms in a retro teacup for a feminine feel.
7. Flowers don’t have to cost a fortune! Red carnations in a silver cup or pitcher are breathtaking. Use liberally.
8. For a larger grouping, use different containers with one type of flowers per container.
9. Traditional flowers, like red roses, look eclectic in a vase with edge.
10. For your next barbecue, float bright flowers in a clear container filled with water.
11. Hydrangeas are an easy choice- one stems covers a lot of territory.
12. Cute, retro aluminum cans make a perfect vase- place a plastic cup inside to prevent rusting!
13. Mimic the shape of a round vase with a packed in bunch of mums.
14. Gold vase + Pink blooms = Chic guest room arrangement.
15. If there is one color you’d like to focus on, find a flower in that color and just use one stem in a clear vase.
16. Redbud branches are beautiful when they bloom! Bring some indoors and use them everywhere!

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