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Pumpkin Panache

Painstakingly detailed work via Martha Stewart. I’ve never been a big Halloween celebrator myself, but I do love a good pumpkin carving session. You can’t be squeamish when it’s time to pull the pumpkin-ey guts out! The things some people can do with a pumpkin and a knife- it’s amazing! I’m sure I’ll see lots more creepy creations after Halloween is over, but to get you (and myself) in the…

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Fashion vs. Furniture: The Wedding Edition

There’s no doubt about your answer when you’re wearing this Dior ring! I love a good wedding… especially when it’s mine. Yes, it’s finally here! I’m getting married on Saturday! And with all the wonderful wedding spirit in the air, I had to bring on another edition of Fashion vs. Furniture, because it’s my favorite thing to do! Enjoy! (My, my, my, but weddings do bring out the exclamation point-edness…

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A Different World

A full view of The Great Indoors by Aurora Robson. I apologize in advance for telling you this on such late notice. There is an amazing exhibit at the Rice Gallery and I’ve only just seen it. Aurora Robson has created a new world inside the Rice Gallery. You might remember the blog I wrote about another exhibit entitled Dans la Lune by Kirsten Hassenfeld. This was another one of…

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HF Weekly Obsession: The White Stuff

I have a vision for my future. One day, I’ll get a cute little home in the Houston suburbs and thoughtfully decorate it. Of course, my family room will be stain proof, mess proof, and every other kind of proof you can imagine, but I’ll have a room of my own in which to use my favorite color palette: white with white with white. I see shabby chic white living…

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Typographical Content

We write all the time. We jot down phone messages, pen thank you’s to our friends and family, and maybe even do a little Dear Diary-ing from time to time. Our penmanship can identify us to coworkers, siblings, possibly (yikes!) the crime lab. The way we cross our t’s and dot our i’s (I’ve finally outgrown the heart-over-the-i stage!) is a part of who we are, like our face or…

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Waste Not

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be “green”, recycling is an easy thing anyone can do to prevent waste. After you empty that jar of jam, instead of tossing it in the garbage, rinse it and recycle it. It only takes a few extra minutes (if that) of your time and there are tons of places at which to drop your collected containers if your neighborhood doesn’t collect it…

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One Sofa, Four Ways

I’ve been pondering something: Why do people with already fantastic style hire stylists? Why do people with impeccable taste hire designers? I think I know the answer (and no, it’s not for a lack of time, though that could be a reason as well). Sometimes you need a second opinion. I see things from my own perspective and it can be hard to look beyond that. But I could bring…

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These aren’t your normal misfit toys (Part 1)….

Here comes Santa Claus, here come Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane!! Christmas is coming sooner than you may think. Here are some cool tchotchkes that we fully stock and are ready for immediate order! Dart Coat Hooks, Set of 3, $32.95 Guys tend to decorate their bachelor pads in the “coolest” stuff they can find. I think these dart coat hangers oughta do it. Decanter Vinoglobe, $13.95 I…

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HF Weekly Obsession: I’m In Love With A Sofa…

This is a recent addition to the High Fashion floor and I’m in love. So modern! So cozy! So… tufted! It would definitely be a stand out piece wherever it goes. My favorite feature is that it can be uber-modern (shown here with super low stainless steel coffee tables) or tres-eclectic (I’m seeing white laquered baroque tables with jewel tone accessories). And, if black leather isn’t your thing, it also…

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Met Home/Showtime House Tour: Weeds

If you’ve never seen Weeds, I suggest you give it a shot. A suburban mother dealing pot is not your average plot line, but Mary Louise Parker is great in the role. No doubt to the reason why they made her home look so, ahem, organic. Lots of muted colors and materials bring nature indoors. This freeform Vladimir Kagan piece is fits in seasmlessly. Check out the huge beach ball…

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