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Last Call for Ice Cream!

The Sora Bowl from Bodum as featured in Martha Stewart Living. Photo via ATNY.

If it’s getting cooler in Houston, that must mean that summer is officially winding down. But there is still enough time to sit outside for a couple bowls of Blue Bell (or “ice cream” if you haven’t had the pleasure of eating Blue Bell.

Ice cream bowls are a fun thing to shop for because 1. There is a good possibility you will be eating ice cream soon if you buy one, and 2. Because there is no reason for them to match the rest of your dishware, let alone each other. So go nuts! Go bananas! Go any kind of topping you can think of to put on a sundae! You’re waistline may not thank you, but your taste buds will!

Eclectic ikat bowls from Anthropologie.

Feeling festive? Polka dot bowls bowls bring smiles! From

Sophisticated speckled ice cream bowls from UnCommon Goods.
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