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Model Morphosis

The life of a model is ever changing. Don’t be who you want to be- be who the photgrapher, designer, or magazine wants you to be. A model’s physical appearance is as varied as the runways the walk on. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the girl walking gracefully at Chanel is the same one skipping youthfully at Betsey Johnson. The NY Times ran an article called Model Morphosis charting…

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Met Home/Showtime House Tour: United States of Tara

Moving right along, we have the designs from United States of Tara. The purposely disjointed decor feels like falling into a Salvador Dali painting. It is dreamlike and surreal (perhaps like the title character’s life as a woman with multiple personalities). My eye is drawn instantly to the art on the walls. It’s hard to look away from them! Notice the eye above the fireplace? The furniture is very minimalist,…

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Pre-Fab(ulous) and Mod(ular)!

I’d have to say that my new obsession would be the process of prefabrication and modular design. It’s definately becoming a new trend that people are beginning to realize is more important than it sounds. Pre-fabricated and modular homes are the “new” up-and-coming thing in home building which is surprising since they’ve been around a little over a century. A little history lesson is in order here… Pre-fabricated homes came…

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More Bang for Your Buck

On The Rocks Sofa from Moss. Harper’s Bazaar ran an article recently entitled “Gucci or Gas?”. They discussed the effect our economy is having on consumers’ ability to purchase big-ticket items or “investment pieces”. Accompanying the article, they showed how you could purchase an entire outfit for the cost of one pair of Louboutins. So I decided to do a little experiment.Take a look at the sofa above. Cool? Modern?…

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Met Home/Showtime House Tour: Dexter

Next up on the Met Home/Showtime house tour, Dexter! There is a lot of white/off-white backgrounds with a strong punch of color. It gives off a fine arts museum vibe. The red orb chair and blue paintings just jump out in this setting! This is a kitchen to-die-for. Curved cabinetry with soothing earth tones makes for a kitchen that you might never want to leave. Vivid imagery. Stark white with…

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There Are Sinks…

…And there are SINKS. This is the latter. It is created with tiny stainless steel tiles which are laid by hand for a beautiful mosaic sink. Truly original. Find it at LinkaSink. – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern Lifestyle.

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Kelly Wearstler On The Prowl For Design Books!

The New York Times did a little article last month about Kelly Wearstler’s passion for out of print art and design books. They serve as inspiration for her uncanny ability to decorate with unusual themes and colors. Check out some of the books below to see some of Kelly’s muses: “Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People”, by Harnish Bowles, “Horst: Interiors”, by Barbara Plumb, 1993, “Goodbye Picasso”, by David…

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Last Call for Ice Cream!

The Sora Bowl from Bodum as featured in Martha Stewart Living. Photo via ATNY. If it’s getting cooler in Houston, that must mean that summer is officially winding down. But there is still enough time to sit outside for a couple bowls of Blue Bell (or “ice cream” if you haven’t had the pleasure of eating Blue Bell. Ice cream bowls are a fun thing to shop for because 1.…

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Stained Glass Love

Pull the drapes aside and let light filter in through stained glass panes. Always chic and makes you unique! Here are some of my favorites: Grand stained glass in the Notre Dame de Reims- an early study in product placement. Click to see what I mean. Antiqued doors with brilliant colored glass- No wonder it’s a Room We Love! Breathtaking entryway via Coco + Kelley. Modern strips of stained glass…

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Met Home/Showtime House Tour: The Tudors

As a continuation of Metropolitan Home’s tour of Showtime’s biggest shows, we have moved on to The Tudors. The half of episode that I’ve seen was pretty intense, and the set design is no different. I just love the chandeliers, sofas, and the rug that just happens to be the size of my house. This chandelier is remarkably transcendant. It’s both contemporary and very traditional at the same time. The…

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