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We *Heart* Wood Floors

I grew up in NYC. This is not a disclaimer, just a little factoid. I guess I have a nostalgic love of old pre-war apartments with all their glorious imperfections and built in bookshelves, decorative moldings and warm, worn, old wood floors. Since I have moved to Houston, I have so rarely come across those treasured floors I spent my formative years taking for granted up north. The flats I have seen here are mainly new and the wood floors are even and flat and usually laminates, or the floors are covered in carpets, or slate tiles. Aesthetically pleasing nonetheless, they don’t have that feel under my feet that I didn’t even realize I longed for until I started seeing these pictures pop up in my magazines. 
I think I am in love. Swooning, butterflies in the stomach, giddy love… over chevron patterned old wood flooring. *Ahhhhhh, sigh!

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  1. have you been to the heights? there’s a lot of homes from the early 1900’s that still have their original wood floors. its one of my favorite things about my 100 yr old bungalow!

  2. Great photos that provide excellent inspiration. Here is another great place for home design ideas.

  3. The very first time I went to new york, I had preconceived notions of nothing but glamour and high end fashion as well as decor. To my surprise, my friends condo was typical of 1950's equipment and furnishings I only saw in movies or read about in books. It was charming, I have to admit, especially with those hardwood floors. I did however have different expectations. I questioned my friend on how she maintained the shine, she told me she used this cleaner

  4. that wooden zig zag floor was gorgeus, i am such a big fan of this style. I LOVE it. I got a lot of inspiration from you´re site. Im wondering if you know where i could buy the wooden floor, if even possible though.Thanks:-)

  5. >Great photos and ideas about concrete floors, that's how I found this quietly informative post!

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