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Higher (Design) Education

Soon the kiddies will be back in school and that time always bring up fond memories for me. Wearing the perfect outfit (complete with tights even though its 90 degrees outside) on the first day, a new Trapper Keeper (oh yeah!), putting together my Lunchables before chowing down. Those were the days! This working stuff with no summers off… I just don’t know (kidding, boss!). I want to relive those glory day without resorting to enrolling in high school again. So I turned to a few of my favorite shops and design magazines to help me bring back my ABC’s and 123’s.

1, 7. Review your primary colors courtesy of CB2: 1. Hotline Dining Table, $399 7. Sol Pendant Lamp, $100
2. Reminisce about evenings in the stacks with a classic tufted library sofa: Chester Sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams at High Fashion Home, $1949
3. Get the lofted bed minus the annoying dorm roommate: photo from Apartment Therapy New York.
4. Don’t let things slip through the cracks- paint a small wall with blackboard paint (we got our from Benjamin Moore) and remember to keep the chalk nearby!
5. You always did get gold stars on your work. You’ve earned this gold star, too: Mini Sunburst Mirror at High Fashion Home, $130
6. Tartan plaid conjures images of school uniforms- before Britney went and ruined them. A warm tartan throw on the end of your bed is perfect for chilly fall nights. Muted Blue Stewart throw from The Scottish Weaver, $70
8. Hit the books, or at least keep yours organized. I love the recessed, arched bookshelves with the books organized by color. Photo from Elle Decor.
9. This has to be my absolute favorite desk from our store. I can picture it perfectly: Sitting on a Ghost chair, typing blogs on my laptop with a pretty bud vase of peonies sitting closeby. Someday… Shelby Desk by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams at High Fashion Home, $1595

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