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Going Undercover

I knew a girl in college who refused to wear clothing made of synthetic materials because she didn’t like the way it felt on her skin. The very same girl would buy and sleep on the cheapest, scratchiest sheets known to man. That makes no sense to me. We spend about one-third to one-quarter of our days in bed, so shouldn’t we all sleep on something that makes us feel like we’re sleeping on nothing at all? Of course! I love shopping for bedding and here are my reasons why:

1. Since my bedroom is very neutral, I can go nuts with the bedding- any color, any style, any pattern. That’s some major versatility.
2. Bedding is easy to change and it’s smart to have an extra set or two lying around for guests or laundry day.
3. There are so many amazing bedding options out there! Just check out the three I discovered through DailyCandy:

For eco-friends there is Plover Organic. They’ve got five lovely fabrics available for Spring/Summer that combine wonderfully. The materials used in creating the Plover bedding is (of course) organic and healthier for you and your family that the average dyed cotton bedding. That will help you sleep soundly!

The bedding from Lulu DK Matouk sprang from a collaboration between John Matouk & Co., a luxury linens company, and Lulu de Kwaitkowski, founder and designer for Lulu DK Fabrics and Wallpaper. What results is quality and style: fresh, clean patterns on 500 thread count Egyptian cotton.

For the avant garde adventurer, True Love Always will outfit your bed in bold graphics that are truly unique. Think of this as the Ritz Carlton of bedding to red satin sheets’ hourly motel. There’s nothing cliche about it and it’s sexier than anything around. Enjoy.
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