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The Lost Art of Writing

Nobody ever sends me letters anymore. I get the occasional thank you note (mostly from my family) but that’s it. I’m really setting this up for you. Pick a card from the choices below. Buy it. Write on it. Mail it to someone. Repeat as necessary. Stop the texting and start writing! For your word nerd boyfriend: The Scrabble letters in combination with the random phrases is indie-fab. Scrabble Notes…

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Wallpaper: The Next Generation

Better Wallpaper will turn any picture of your choosing into a wall mounted masterpiece. Your mama’s wallpaper just got blown out of the water. It’s not enough anymore for wallpaper to just be pretty. It’s must be the quintessential double-threat. Form and function. Beauty and brains- sometimes literally. These wallpapers are made for the new generation of consumers that want it beautiful, want it now, and want it to impress.…

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Higher (Design) Education

Soon the kiddies will be back in school and that time always bring up fond memories for me. Wearing the perfect outfit (complete with tights even though its 90 degrees outside) on the first day, a new Trapper Keeper (oh yeah!), putting together my Lunchables before chowing down. Those were the days! This working stuff with no summers off… I just don’t know (kidding, boss!). I want to relive those…

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We *Heart* Chair Silhouettes!

I’m a sucker for graphic and industrial design. When my two loves are combined in images of classic furniture or architecture in simple and lovely 2d renderings, I am giddy happy. Here’s a roundup of some cool and simple chair images perfectly suitable for framing and dressing up your walls… or your coffee tables or letters or decoupaged furniture. Alphabet Of Design Classics poster $35.00 Available at Blue Art Studio…

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Whet Your Appetite

My soon-to-be husband is turning 30 soon, and that calls for some celebrating. Not the “Uh-oh, somebody’s getting close to the top of the hill!” kind of celebration, the “Here’s to 30 years of good family, friends, and you birthday boy” kind. First on my list is deciding how to decorate and, more importantly, what to feed our guests! I found some very helpful books on that subject and thought…

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Brilliant Book of the Week:

When I’m invited to someone’s home for a small dinner party or gathering, I always take a peek at their library if possible. I like to see what people are interested in and what books take up their free time, I think it can tell you alot about them. Of course, as a good host/hostess, you tell your guests to feel at home in your home so the most important…

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Color Story

Want to give your place a bit of a visual boost? I love the idea of organizing your books by color. It’s almost like it creates a little piece of art in your bookshelves. I’ve organized my books by color before (but I like to change it up often- seriously, I can entertain myself all weekend by organizing my bookshelves!) and it looked very chic. You can intermix a few…

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Domino: Decorating on a Budget

Check out Domino’s Budget Decorating: $1 Design Finds! That’s right, amazing looking pieces for under $1. “Snartig” vase $0.79 each, “Lion’s Head” small bowl $.85 each, for locations. “National Airline” forks and knives, $.99 each, Various decorative papers, $.75-$.80 a sheet, for information Teacup, set of two for $1, for locations Copper scrubbing pads, package of two for a $1, for locations –…

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We *Heart* Wood Floors

I grew up in NYC. This is not a disclaimer, just a little factoid. I guess I have a nostalgic love of old pre-war apartments with all their glorious imperfections and built in bookshelves, decorative moldings and warm, worn, old wood floors. Since I have moved to Houston, I have so rarely come across those treasured floors I spent my formative years taking for granted up north. The flats I…

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PR5 Report: Episode 4

I was a fan of Leanne’s design. Stay on this track, Leanne!!! A challenge worthy of the gods… well almost, actually. The designers were challenged to create a look for our American Olympians for the opening ceremony of the Summer Games, and, oh boy!, was there a variety of designs! We were given sporty to cocktail attire and everywhere in between. I was glad to see that Joe was given…

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